Fire Alarm & Detection

An automatic fire alarm & detection system provides the earliest possible warning of a potential emergency situation. It facilitates the swift evacuation of people from a building, can summon the emergency services and also provides information on the location of the fire.

Accidental or unnecessary fire alarms can be very costly to any business, but failure to detect a fire can be catastrophic. Evacuation, checking and re-entry procedures can impact on working time, and cost important business hours across all major sectors. It is vital to ensure that your fire alarm systems are reliable, accurate, unobtrusive and keep you correctly protected.

Here at Surrey Fire Protection we can assess your premises and provide and install a system to suit your requirements and comply with the recommendations in your Fire Risk Assessment. We also provide periodic fire alarm maintenance which is a requirement of British Standard BS 5839.

Simply contact the professional and experienced team here at Surrey Fire Protection to discuss your options further. You can rely on our expert knowledge to recommend the ideal solution for your premises that will provide a cost effective protection system, without compromising on the safety of your staff and occupants. .